Mugen Monday - 26th Edition

For Those Who Dare Dream.

The ardent growth of any entertainment industry seems to bring with it the notion of ‘awards’ to recuperate the makers’ intense dedication and financial spending. From Films to Gaming to literature to life, we have people who are willing to spend on creating conventions of awards and people who are waiting to receive them.

This year’s Crunchyroll Anime Awards was a little peculiar. The growth of the Anime industry has far surpassed just Japan, or Asia, for that matter. From the Indian subcontinent all the way through Russia, down to Europe, and of course engulfing the American continents, and parts of Africa, is the world now known so globally - Anime and Manga.

  • Celebrities like Meghan Tee Stallion, NFL player DeMarcus Lawrence, musician Yaeji, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse director Joaquim Dos Santos, and Indian actress Rashmika Mandanna, to state a few -

  • All made their way to become the presentees who would give away starling awards to Anime that had checked the checklist of the judging committee of Crunchyroll.

Now Crunchryoll itself as a franchise is quite Western, despite the fact that the products they distribute are of Japanese origin. Well of course, their audience is no longer limited to the English-speaking folk alone. Crunchyroll is the Anime giant in the West if Shueisha is of Japan itself.

Their content of award this time pleased quite a many, while again thwarting others. And as it goes with judgements, there will always be haters and support. Especially so when the fandom has grown so attached to works, going as far as threatening their mangaka when the story did not align with what the ‘masses’ wanted.

But, putting massive works like Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer aside, what are the contemporary series that may appear in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2025? Because after all, the stars of tomorrow are the growing ones today. We have compiled a list, which is more of a ‘watch recommendation’ than an actual prediction. We hope you get access to these series. To find them, continue down below!

Hope you have a great read!

- From the Editor’s Desk

Rhytham Das, Editor-in-Chief, Spiel Anime

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