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Mugen Monday - Spiel Anime's First Newsletter

For Those Who Dare Dream.

It is a special day for Spiel Anime, for this is our first-ever newsletter which happens to serve as a gate-away from the usual Anime article writing that our writers embark upon on the website.

The birth of Spiel Anime came from Spiel Times, which used to be a revered site for all things gaming. But as multidimensional topics started to be incorporated within the scope of Times, there was eventually an influx of Anime-only topics. So much so that our CEO Pingal felt the urgent need for a separate website altogether - one for those who dared dream.

The tagline above is quite enthralling, for it does not indicate much about Anime. Normally, you would think a tagline for Spiel Anime should be something like Shinzou Sasageyo (or something). But I feel the tagline (which I came up with, credits where credits are due?) is reflective of the nature of Anime fandom. More about this towards the concluding remarks, for which you must scroll through (and hopefully read) the entire thing.

With Mugen Monday, we wish to take you to a magical world full of infinities, - for Mugen translates to Infinity, one that is made up of Anime, Manga, and everything that makes you dare dream.

For this edition (which happens to be the first) of Mugen Monday, we have limited (or in some sense made ourselves abundant) to only One Piece content. This is in respect to the franchise’s internet breaking Anime debut of Gear 5.

- From the Editor’s Desk

Rhytham Das, Editor-in-Chief, Spiel Anime

Eiichiro Oda married a Nami cosplayer?

Chiaki Inaba is a former cosplayer, model, and race queen, and met Eiichiro Oda for the first time when she was cosplaying as Nami at Jump Festa 2002. It was love at first sight for Oda, and like Luffy, he knew he had to embark on a daring quest to win her heart. And he did.

They dated for a few years and got married in 2004. With two lovely daughters, they are still happily together, even though Oda lives separately because of his busy schedule. But they do manage to see each other often.

When Oda and Inaba’s relationship became known, fans noticed something interesting. They quickly pointed out that the mangaka had married someone who looks remarkably similar to his own character, Nami.

The Chinese government tends to ban any anime that may be depicted as being critical of China’s political ideology.

The Chinese citizens, however, have mixed reactions over the government’s control of media exposure, with some people believing that it is justified to ban an anime that may harm the sovereignty of the country, while others believe that the government is being too heavy-handed and this excessive control may hinder freedom of speech.

The debate over anime censorship in China is likely to continue for some time. It is, however, clear that the government is trying to control information and ideas in the country, and anime is one of the ways they are doing it.

1. Blackbeard Has More Experience With Haki:

Blackbeard possesses remarkable mastery over Haki, honed through years as a pirate, aligning with the Whitebeard and Roger Pirates. His potent Armament Haki wards off even Seraphim Mihawk's strikes, which cleaved an entire mountain. His Observational Haki lets him sense formidable foes, evident in his disbelief of Luffy's 30 million Berry bounty.

Blackbeard's growth marks him as a significant antagonist for Luffy, likely evolving further before their ultimate clash, potentially harnessing Conqueror's Haki. With his Haki trifecta, ample practice, and strategic acumen, Blackbeard seems poised to outmatch Luffy in their impending confrontation.

2. Yami Yami no Mi’s Power Cancellation

The Yami Yami no Mi is a Logia Type Devil Fruit that transforms its user into darkness itself, granting them several potent abilities including power cancellation that allows the user to nullify other Devil Fruit abilities on contact, posing a significant threat to characters like Luffy whose attacks rely on physical contact.

Moreover, the fruit grants space manipulation powers, enabling the user to absorb objects into a separate dark dimension. The user can even manipulate gravity by utilizing their darkness, generating a black hole-like effect that draws in all nearby matter, forces, individuals, and elements.

3. Blackbeard Could Still Obtain More Devil Fruits

Despite Luffy's utilization of Gear 5, Blackbeard still maintains a distinct and lethal edge over him: the capacity to wield multiple Devil Fruits. Ordinarily, consuming more than one Devil Fruit by a person will result in an explosion of their body, but Blackbeard has somehow managed to break this rule and acquire two Devil Fruits.

The first one is Yami Yami no Mi, a Logia-type, and the Gura Gura no Mi, a Paramecia-type. Moreover, the potential for Blackbeard to acquire further Devil Fruits looms, with just the Zoan fruit type missing, which will make him the ultimate Devil Fruit user. Such development will solidify his position as an even more formidable enemy for Luffy and anyone else who'll oppose him.

4. Blackbeard Doesn’t Play Fair

In the realm of One Piece, Blackbeard emerges as the embodiment of a true pirate in terms of characteristics, personality, and behaviour. While armed with two distinct Devil Fruits, his ultimate weapon lies in his cunning craftiness.

Lacking honour or chivalry, he relentlessly pursues his aspirations, stopping at nothing to achieve them. If his Conqueror's Haki extends to Observation Killing, Luffy would be defenceless against his guerrilla tactics.

5. Blackbeard has the Stronger Crew

The clash between Luffy and Blackbeard surpasses a mere captain's duel, with the series hinting at a potential Straw Hat vs. Blackbeard Pirates crew war since Blackbeard's introduction during the Jaya Arc.

The fundamental distinction lies in Luffy's unwavering dedication to his friends' safety, whereas Blackbeard prioritizes his objectives over his crew's lives. Though his crew enjoys a notable edge, comprising infamous criminals with vast battle experience and strategy expertise, they are not above involving under-handed strategies in their battles.


The Anime fandom has only recently ascended into terminal heights. Initially, words like Nincompoop, weeaboo, shut-in NEETs, and unsocialized deviants were quite synonymous with each other. Yet from the hopes of those who dared to dream was born this atmosphere in which we live today (I refer not to the toxic Attack on Titan fanbases and the likes of similar countenance, mind you).

The era of Artificial Intelligence has been untelling-ly unkind (I just made this word up) to the majority of the corporate world (not making this up). The same has been the case for SEO content writers.

In an exodus from the normal website content writing to newsletter writing, Mugen Monday (which is today's newsletter) serves as an ark that transcends the readers from one world to another.

The world of Anime has taken us far ahead than we ever thought it would. For many of us, it initially began as a dream. An illusion, a fantasy we had pulled up in our minds. Yet with time passing, we have come to materialize our dreams into passionate endeavours. Anieve, and Mugen Monday is one such example.

For those who dare dream.

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